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4" pot living plant
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Black Sapote

A usually large, green-skinned fruit about the size of an apple. Flesh turns dark brown/black when ripe. Pulp both looks and tastes somewhat like chocolate pudding. Black sapote's make a wonderful dessert fruit.
Description: Large tree to 80ft. Trees can be kept small and will fully bear fruits at just a few feet high.

Hardiness: Full grown trees can survive to 28F.

Growing Environment: Trees are not too particular about soil and nutrient support. Fruits ripen in winter but depending on the tree may fruit a few months earlier or later. Fruits are best picked and eaten when fully ripe, the pulp becomes soft and pudding like at this stage.

Propagation: Usually grown from seeds which make it to bearing age in 5-6 years.
Native Range: The black sapote is native to southern Mexico. Trees grow wild in coastal lowlands. Today, the black sapote is rarely cultivated outside of the America's.