Sell similar like this. This tree is cutting.

  • Reduce the time to flowering.
  • Shorten the breeding fruit.
  • Beacuse you have a cutting tree.
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cutting live plant in 4" pot

Goji Berry Plant (Lycium barbarum, Goijiberry, Wolfberry)

The kaffir lime is a rough, warty green fruit that grows on thorny bush with aromatic and distinctively shaped "double" leaves. The dark green glossy leaves are extremely rich in lemon-lime fragrance, which is even more intense when the leaves are broken.Their peel is even more richly perfumed than the leaves, with an exotic flavor unlike the zest of any other citrus. Kaffir limes are easily distinguished by their extremely bumpy, deep green skin, their slightly elongated neck and small size (approx. 4 cm wide).

Also known as Lycium Barbarum or Chinese Wolfberry. The plants are deciduous, woody perennials and are very adaptable. They like lots of sun, preferring climates that are hot and dry in the summer, but they will grow just about anywhere, including in humid climates.

There are several species and as many as 88 varieties. The most sought after species is Lycium Barbarum because it is the most nutritious.

At this time (2010) the only commercial source in the world for goji berries is from China or Mongolia. All shipments from Mongolia must go through China. This means that those of us who love our goji berries are beholden to the whims of the Chinese government in allowing goji trade as well as to the fears of the USDA in allowing the berries to be imported.

But due to a little known piece of American history there is a hardy stock of Goji Berries that has adapted itself to North America. Now you can have access to a hardy, mature stock of goji plants to grow your own Goji Berries.