Black Pearl Wax Apple Missile Wax Apple Black KingKong Wax Apple
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That is "black pearl". why call  "black pearl"
The"black pearl"s name came to be is that the plant was planted near the sea, with the seawater intrusion
leading to land subsidence salnization. The sweetness of the fruit was so popular that it spread like wildfire

In Taiwan the two most highly desire and sought-after are the "black pearl" and the "black king kong"
The wax apple has many varieties are distinguished by color and is be divided into "big red kind" 
"pink kind","white kind", "blue-green species". The "pink kind" is the largest amoungs the group. The "black pearl" and the
"king kong" was named according to the color and the shape of the fruit.
(Thub Thim Chan.) Missile Wax . Missile Wax Apple (Fruit color is dark red, high sugar content.) is easier to take care of 
than the black pearl . black king kong. The biggest and longest wax apple kind in the world. and the color is deep red.

Growing season, 70 ° -85 ° f, no frost in winter; 45° f when the flower buds, young fruit that was chilling and fall off;
50 ° f was close to harvest the fruit will suffer loss.