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Chimonanthus (wintersweet) is a genus of flowering plants in the family Calycanthaceae, endemic to China. The genus includes three to six species depending on taxonomic interpretation; three are accepted by the Draft Flora of China. The name means winter flower in Greek.
They are deciduous growing to 2ĘC13 m tall. The flowers are 2ĘC3 cm wide, with numerous spirally-arranged yellow or white tepals; they are strongly scented, and produced in late winter or early spring before the new leaves.
Product Features
cheerful yellow blooms in late winter
extremely fragrant
perfect for entry ways
hardy zone 4-9

If you want a fabulously fragrant shrub for an entryway consider Wintersweet. Its cheerful yellow blooms appear on leafless stems in late winter to early spring filling the air with a spicy fragrance. As spring progresses the lustrous, dark green, almond shaped leaves emerge creating a good background for other spring or summer flowering shrubs or a perfect place for summer flowering vines to ramble. In autumn the leaves turn yellow-green before they fall.

Branches of wintersweet can be forced into bloom in winter and will fill the whole room with their wonderful scent.

Type: Deciduous flowering shrub.

Outstanding Feature: Fragrant flowers in late winter-early spring.

Form: Large mound. Growth Rate: Slow. Bloom: Fragrant, waxy sulfur-yellow flowers with purple-brown centers in late winter to early spring produced on previous season's growth.

Light: Sun to light shade. Soil: Moist well drained preferably acidic tolerates a wide variety soils if not too dry or wet.