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Magnolia coco (Cempaka Gondok)

Trees or shrubs , deciduous or evergreen . Pith homogeneous or diaphragmed . Leaves distinctly alternate or sometimes crowded in terminal whorl-like clusters ; stipules early deciduous, free or adnate to and proximal on petiole.Leaf blade : base deeply cordate or auriculate or cuneate to abruptly narrowed or rounded

Flowers protogynous, appearing with or before leaves; tepals 9-15, petaloid , usually spreading , creamy white, rarely greenish, yellow, or orange-yellow, outermost tepals sepaloid , sometimes strongly reflexed , greenish; stamens on elongate torus, early deciduous; filaments white or purple, very short; anthers introrse or latrorse .

Follicles persistent , coalescent , forming conelike aggregate, abaxially dehiscent. Seeds with red, pink, or orange oily aril, extruded from follicles and suspended by funiculi.