Sugar apple

5 Gallon live plant

but we will cut and repack it before ship it.

Sugar apple is a small tropical tree, indigenous to the Amazon rainforest, growing up to 20' tall.
The leaves are thin, oblong while the flowers are greenish - yellow.
The avoid or conical fruit, with a purple knobby skin, is very sweet and is eaten fresh or can be used for shakes.
The fruit is juicy and creamy - white; it may contain up to 40 black seeds.
These seeds are poisonous.

Medicinal application
The bark and leaves contain annonaine, an alkaloid.
In tropical America, a decoction of the leaves is used as a cold remedy and to clarify urine.
A bark decoction is used to stop diarrhea, while the root is used in the treatment of dysentery.


Due to recalcitrant nature of the seeds, they have a short viable life, can not be dried well and can not withstand low temperatures.
full sun, different types of well drained soil.
Can withstand temperatures down to 27กใ F., but protect from frost.
It can also be grown successfully in containers (for the cooler zones).