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More than 100 years ago in Japan, a unique variety of Asian pear was discovered growing wild. The original tree still lives today, and its offspring are nurtured by hand in a tradition that spans the centuries.

The mystique surrounding Tottori 20th Century pears originates in Japaní»s Tottori prefecture, a region famous for producing clear-skinned, Nijisseiki variety pears that brim with juicy refreshment and delicate sweetness.

Tottori 20th Century pears have a distinctive, green-to-yellow color and plump, round shape.
Commonly known as apple-pears, Asian pears are not new to the North American palate.

But while Tottori pears have been available in many U.S. grocery stores for about 25 years, these premium fruits appeal primarily to a niche clientele.

With under-stated flavors and clear skin contributing to a pale luminescent beauty, Tottori pears are a soft-spoken belle of the culinary world.