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Cutting live plant 8"-16" tall
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Cutting live plant 24"-35" tall
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Toona Sinensis
The young leaves of T. sinensis . are extensively used as a vegetable in China; they have an onion-like flavour. The fruit, bark, and roots are used in traditional Chinese medicine for a wide variety of conditions. Plants with red young leaves are considered of better flavour than those where the young leaves are green.
The timber is hard and reddish; it is valuable, used for furniture making.
Outside of its native region T. sinensis is valued more as a large ornamental tree for its haggard aspect. It is by far the most cold-tolerant species in the Meliaceae and the only member of the family that can be cultivated successfully in northern Europe.

Two kinds of points. Green stems and red stems Shannon piles, pile Shannon rich red stems, upright-shaped, medium-sized tree, grow fast. By the United Nations Asian Vegetable Research Center, researchers 15O vegetables found anti-cancer effect.

Shannon Pile antioxidant, the highest in the first. Anti-cancer effect than the sweet potato leaves three to ten times. Things can improve immunity in addition to antibacterial, antioxidant health of plants, leaf piles Shannon cancellative hot detoxification, anti-inflammatory, appetizer cool God. General In addition to noodles, scrambled eggs, the bubble tea can also cook.