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How to grow  Green  Jujube

Indian jujube germplasm (germplasm) to 1990 a majority of the species of Indian jujube varieties of 34 kinds of original records have been lost and eliminating the current new varieties chosen by real students (seed propagation breeding. Taiwan has many as 18 kinds blind species

Buds of variation, inflorescence (inflorescence)

Selection of variation for bud selection -- Indian jujube mutant many varieties, is currently the largest breeding method.
Mutant is infinitely rich in plant resources to produce new variants, both of which cross-breeding (hybridization new. Seedling (sexual propagation) selection method is performed selection of material resources from natural variation resulting seedling breeding

How to grow jujube
Indian jujube childbearing should be implemented annually updated trunk trim repair
When scissors may cut off the ground 30 cm height, germination can shoot from below section about a month after maternity leave from shoots well and choose the appropriate position 2-3 branches, as a new year's trunk

How breeding
India is also one of jujube breeding methods crossbreeding
After obtaining hybrid seeds are subject to cross-pollination process, that the selected parents (mother plant). Male (pollen parent) made of new hybrid varieties.
Fruit breeders to increase production and improve quality continuously over many years through artificial selection eliminated , breeding new varieties provides planting. Mainly to graft.

Fruit Thinning

Good and bad thinning work seriously affect fruit quality in India. Too much or too late to be thinning , fruit becomes smaller , generally every 2-3 to stay a fruit festival.


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