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How to grow Kyoho Grape
After the use of grape seed breeding generations variability is high, most of the different characteristics of the original species .
Grapes should be the entire ear . Sparse flower and fruit thinning to reduce nutrient consumption, in order to promote the growth of grape spikes , for example, in addition to first deputy spike , followed by spikes in addition to supporting the base of the ear

Cutting propagation
Short section between the branches , twigs full, color is brown to dark brown better. If growth is too strong between the branches of the seed section is longer, the color is gray-brown and dull, should be avoided .
When you select a full winter pruning branches and buds full year old branches , twigs no pests . ( About 2-3 section ) ear length 15-30cm clipping branches select the amount of nitrogen fertilizer , especially after cutting seedlings in general the amount of 50%

After the leaves to the spring sap flow front can be grafted . As early vulnerable period of grafting cold or frost , the sap begins to flow too late graft , graft within the sleeve of plastic sap accumulation , so that the scion bud moldy cause browning and can not sprout
Adjust the pH value of the soil : soil pH of 6.0 to 7.0 is the best grape growing root domain dynamic range

How to save Kyoho
Drain the water with a sieve grapes and grapes to eat , when to wash , eat easily broken because after washed . After washing , even in the refrigerator , they can only put two or three days .
The grape berry large, high sugar , low acidity, fleshy close its qualities. Grape sugar content is 18-20oBrix
One, two supplementary soil organic matter , soil pH adjustment : soil pH of 6.0 to 7.0 Third, increased soil P and K configuration

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