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Tropical Fruit Tree Care and Information

Tropical fruit trees need to be grown in full sun. That means six to eight hours of sun daily

Watering schedule (irrigation or rainwater) for newly planted trees is daily during the first week,
every other day during the second week,
during the third week

Salt intrusion and spray can damage most tropical fruit trees, therefore

Many fruit trees are not wind tolerant.

Initial fertilization can begin a month after planting. Use a slow release 8-3-9 or 8-2-10 formula
that contains 2% to 4% magnesium plus manganese and iron.
Fruit trees need to be sprayed with a micronutrient spray four times a year.



For most plants, pick a southern location near your house and preferably under a roof overhang.
The idea here is that your home will help provide heat during the winter and the overhang may prevent cold from 
settling on your plants during the night. Planting under the canopy of another larger tree can also provide
 the same benefit in some  cases.

What size container should I plant the tree in?

 We recommend stepping the tree up gradually from a 1gallon  5 gallon  pot,
(Do not skip a grade 5 gallon instead of 1 gallon) to a 7 gallon  pot,
from the 7 gallon  pot, to a 15 gallon  pot, then if necessary from the 15 gallon to a 25 gallon pot, and so on.
Pots can be mounted onto casters for easier moving.


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