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How to Grow Wax Apple (Black Pearl)

In the United States the best  leeward .. midday sun. Preferably in the morningsun. Use organic fertilizer. Ph 7.5
For small  trees take a pair of scissors cut top of the tree that is soft off.
Growing season, 70 ° -85 ° f, no frost in winter; 45° f when the flower buds, young fruit that was chilling and fall off;
50 ° f was close to harvest the fruit will suffer loss.
Flower Induction

Its main objective of this is for the tree to replace the old leaves with more new leaves and more flower, and have the big tree to become a dwarf tree. This process helps the tree’s branches receive more air and sunlight.  

Let the plants have enough time to grow into a dense canopy, can help force the flower to bloom 
After the shoots grow, in order to germinate and grow large dense, nitrogen and water requirement for more
Vegetative Growth Inhibition 

In Taiwan the Black Pearl can be bloom anywhere, but in order to adjustproduction capacity of the need to make the appropriate suppression of vegetative growth, the plants can be successfully converted to reproductive growth. In order to facilitate the flower buds with Potassium and Phosphorus.

Measure 30 cm from the ground up, and wait for about 35 to 45 days before beginning the girdling process. Cut the strip to be 2-2.5 cm wide.  For the root pruning(wrenching) treatment 2 to 3 weeks before force flower to bloom.  Use a 90% shade cloth (shading) to cover the tree for no more than 60 days prevent harming the tree.

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